Senior or Advanced Seminar Modules

Senior or Advanced Seminar Modules

Don’t overestimate what your seniors know about conducting scholarly research or using technology to present their own research!

Library Research or Presentation Preparation

60-90 minutes

Library Research

The specifics of this session depend on the needs of the course and the preparation of the students. This session may provide an in-depth introduction to discipline-specific library research tools and the flow of scholarly communication within a field. Often for senior seminars we bring in a group of Librarians to consult with students on their individual topics, while providing research time with computers and resources. This is especially effective when faculty are present to provide disciplinary guidance.

Presentation Preparation

Senior or advanced seminar students are often asked to present their research, sometimes in multiple formats. Students may need help with various technology and software to create their presentations. Sessions are available on using presentation software, creating posters, creating web pages, etc.

What You Need to Do to Schedule a Senior or Advanced Seminar Module

Decide on the module(s) you are interested in and either:

Request a Senior or Advanced Seminar Module
Email Beth Hillemann Directly (or call x6704)

Please Note

  • The schedule fills rapidly, especially in the fall.
  • Please schedule early and be flexible about the dates.
  • Instruction is most effective when faculty are present in the class.
  • Librarians are happy to consult with faculty about the session.

Who May Be Involved

All sessions are taught by Librarians and/or Academic Information Associates (AIAs).

Library Liaisons & AIA's for Academic Departments & Programs