March 18-19, 2009
  Macalester College
  St. Paul, MN


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Technology Trends and Libraries: So many opportunities

 In the current environment where computers are almost ubiquitously connected to each other and people's expectations regarding access to data and information are increasing, the opportunities for the library profession abound. In this presentation, Eric will enumerate some of the hotter trends from his perspective, and describe how they can be used to implement the goals of librarianship. There is something for anybody who works in a library: collection building from the Internet, technical processing with the language of the Web- XML, embedding reference services and educational opportunities in our "next generation" library catalogs, learning how to preserve and archive all the materials that are "born digital", implementing open source software for the systems librarian. The challenge of the times is to not loose sight of the goal. Put another way, it is not so much the what of libraries that needs to change, but rather the how. The profession's core principles are just as important, if not more

Eric Lease Morgan is the Head of Digital Access and Information Architecture Department at the University Libraries of Notre Dame. He considers himself to be a librarian first and a computer user second. His professional goal is to discover new ways to use computers to increase library collections and improve library services. Some of his more notable investigations have surrounded the automatic collection of electronic serials, the indexing of open access content, and the personalization of library websites. The vast majority of Eric's publications are available online, and the same is true for all the software he has written. Eric has been practicing open access publishing and open source software distribution since before the phrases were coined. In his spare time, he can be seen folding defective floppy discs into intricate origami flora and fauna.

Applying the Information Commons Concept in Your Library

Learn more about the information commons -- what it is and why you might want to develop one -- as well as how to apply the concept to your library space, regardless of library type. She will discuss implementation from planning and design to publicity and assessment sharing numerous examples of successful information commons implementations, including the Hub, the information commons at the University of Kentucky. Tips for librarians who want to create a space for today's 21st century students will be included throughout the presentation.

Stacey Greenwell is Head of the Information Commons (the Hub) at the University of Kentucky. The Hub combines a technology help desk and computer lab with a traditional library reference desk. Prior to leading the information commons, Stacey served as a librarian in the Information Technology Division of the University of Kentucky Libraries, 2001-2006. In that role, she coordinated technical support for the library system, including the management of over 600 desktop computers. Stacey earned both of her degrees from the University of Kentucky: her BA in English in 1996 and her MLS in 1998. Prior to her faculty position at the University of Kentucky, she worked in public libraries for several years in a variety of roles. She is the immediate Past Chair of the Information Technology Division of SLA and was recently named to the Centennial Commission, the group planning the 2009 SLA Annual Conference and year-long celebration. Stacey presents frequently at conferences on technology and instruction topics.

Head of the Digital Access and Information Architecture Department at the University Libraries of Notre Dame
Head, Information Commons (the Hub) at the University of Kentucky