Media Services

Event Support and Media Production

Video and Audio

  • Studio and on-location recording of classroom lectures and special events
  • Camcorders and video recording / playback equipment loans
  • Video and DVD conversion
  • Video editing
  • Video conferencing
  • Public Address systems
  • Technical support / maintenance and repair

Prices for Materials and Services

  • DVD-R disc with paper sleeve (16X, 120 minutes, 4.7GB storage capacity) 1.00
  • DVD-R disc with slim jewel case (16X, 120 minutes, 4.7GB storage capacity) 1.50
  • CD-R with paper sleeve 1.00
  • CD duplication (CD cost not included) 4.00
  • Audio recording of on-campus speaker – one copy 8.00
  • CD mailed to off-campus address (includes duplication, postage & handling) 5.00
  • DVD duplication or conversion (DVD cost not included) 4.00 for first copy
  • DVD duplication or conversion (DVD cost not included) 4.00 for first copy
    • 2.00 for additional copies
  • DVD mailed to off-campus location (includes duplication, postage and handling) 10.00
  • On-campus video recording – “talking Head” format/one camera Operator provided, 1 – 2 hours (includes DVD) 12.00
  • On-campus video recording – complex activities such as Performances and/or two camera set-ups Operators provided (includes DVD) 25.00
  • Off-campus video recording (simple one-camera, includes DVD) 35.00
  • Off-campus video recording (complex, includes DVD) 45.00
All materials must be paid for with cash or check when picked up, unless a department account number is to be charged