About This Quilt Piece

To me, diversity at Macalester is most evident in the student body. To me, diversity at the DeWitt Wallace Library is made manifest in the student employees in Reserves.

Over these many years, I have trained, supervised, and become acquainted with hundreds of students from various parts of the world - Grenada, all parts of Africa, South America, Europe, Micronesia, Asia and the United States. I learned their unique aspirations; I struggled with them in making decisions as they curiously explored their new world at Macalester. I have enjoyed working with all of them. They are the true picture of diversity, exhibiting much variety in their work ethic, work background, major fields, skin color, gender and personalities. Many times I needed to act “in loco parentis” and considered myself the fat mother hen gathering and instructing all the (mostly) energetic, young chicks. I love the brown chicks, and the black chicks, the plaid chicks, the green chicks and the lavender-eyed chicks. Difference is what makes the library strong.

Janet Sietmann, Senior Library Associate, Public Services
February, 2011