About This Quilt Piece

I think of embracing diversity as a willingness to acknowledge that each of us is unique and has something to contribute to the larger community. Each of us can be thought of as a piece of fabric, with our own history and values and diverse characteristics, that can be sewn together with other individuals into a patchwork quilt that is beautiful and functional in its own right but allows each piece of fabric to retain its individuality.

In my quilt square, the circle represents the Mac community. The purple field behind it represents the larger world of humanity. I chose to include the rainbow ribbon because of its history as a recognizable symbol of inclusion for the LGBT community. I also wanted it to represent all kinds of diversity—all of the things that make each of us unique. Some of what makes us different from one another is hidden, just as some of the things that make each of us unique are less visible. The ribbon—diversity—is woven into the fabric of both the Macalester community and the world community.

We are stronger when we hang together—when we respect one another despite our differences.

Laura Secord, Librarian, Collection Management
February, 2011