About This Quilt Piece

I’m more of a word person than a visual person, so it seemed appropriate to include words in my quilt square. I wanted to represent the intersection of the people who come into the library with the people who work here. People come to the library with all sorts of needs. The words I used to represent our patrons include actual research topics that we’ve helped people with. Some of these topics are the stuff of legend amongst library staff. All of the topics were fun and often challenging.

On the staff side, I wanted to represent not only the professional skills we use to help people, but also our particular interests and backgrounds that color who and what we are. It always amazes me how a staff person’s interest in, say, a particular television show, can end up being useful in answering a question from a student in an unrelated area such as economics. Each interaction between a patron and a staff member is shaped by their unique needs and backgrounds and interests. That’s diversity; that’s the strength of diversity.

Beth Hillemann, Librarian, Public Services, Instruction, Reference
February, 2011