Scholarly Communication at Macalester

New Models of Publishing, Open Access, and Open Digital Archives

The Internet makes digital publishing possible in new and exciting ways. It is rapidly changing how information is produced, distributed, peer-reviewed, and constructively criticized. The changes affect how faculty conduct literature reviews or share scholarly findings, how students do research, and how information may be used for classroom teaching.

Faculty participate in the system of scholarly communication as authors, editors, readers and reviewers. They are stakeholders in the current system that is now undergoing widespread and systematic changes. These changes will affect how faculty members at Macalester publish their research findings.

Scholarly Communication Changes at Macalester

The Library at Macalester actively promotes a scholarly communication model that relies on harnessing the power of the Internet coupled with open access distribution of scholarly work. This web site is intended to help the community stay informed and to create change on a local level. The site provides information on developments in the areas of:

As a scholarly community, we need to become aware of ... the changes in scholarly publishing in order to make informed decisions about our own scholarly publishing and to assist the institution in making decisions about digital archiving, supporting faculty publishing in open-access journals, and distributing finite resources for journal subscription fees that are spiraling out of control.

[Future of Scholarly Publishing; announcement to Dept. Chairs, May 2007]

Learning About Scholarly Communication

Interested in learning more about issues in scholarly communication? The following three resources are excellent starting points.


SPARC, or Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, is an alliance of universities, research libraries and organizations. It was created as a constructive response to market dysfunctions in the scholarly communication area. These dysfunctions have reduced dissemination of scholarship and crippled libraries. SPARC serves as a catalyst for action, helping to create systems that expand information dissemination and use in a networked digital environment while responding to the needs of academe.

Create Change

"Shouldn't the way we share research be as advanced as the Internet?" Create Change is an educational initiative that examines new opportunities in scholarly communication, advocates changes that recognize the potential of the networked digital environment, and encourages active participation by scholars and researchers to guide the course of change.

Reshaping Scholarly Communication

University of California's Office of Scholarly Communication.

Digital Initiatives at Macalester

Digital Commons @ Macalester

Part of Berkeley Press's digital archive system (, this is Macalester's institutional repository, which:

  • Brings Macalester faculty publications together in one place.
  • Increases institutional visibility to colleagues, prospective students, and alumni.
  • Connects citations of Macalester faculty publications to actual publications.
  • Increases Macalester visibility as well as improve outside access to Macalester publications. For example, Himalaya, the Journal of the Association for Nepal and Himalayan Studies, has gained a substantial exposure via Macalester's open access system. At over 104,000 downloads, it is the most frequently accessed journal in Digital Commons (as of October. 2012).
  • Allows the listings to be indexed by Google/Google Scholar and the Web of Science (ISI). As of February, 2008, over 9,600 references appear in Google Scholar when searching for "Macalester".
  • Enables faculty to provide URLs to works without mailing copies or attachments.
  • Support electronic publishing, scholarly communication, and creative expression.

Selected Works

Part of DigitalCommons, Selected Works provides individual faculty members at Macalester with a website for featuring information on their research, publications, and teaching.

Macalester Views

A collection of digital images that reflect the observations of the Macalester community engaged in study or work around the globe.