Laptops Available for Checkout

Laptops Available for Checkout

The Library provides Dell PC laptops and MacBooks. These computers are available through the Service Desk in the library. Security cables are also available for checkout. See if any laptops are available right now

Place a Hold on a Laptop
(For Macalester Faculty & Staff Only)


Laptop computer checkout is limited to current Macalester faculty, staff and students. To check out a laptop, you must have a current valid Macalester ID. If you have any outstanding library fines or charges which prevent you from checking out other library materials, you will also not be allowed to check out a laptop.


Library laptops have software loaded on them which prevents users from making any permanent changes. Any documents saved to the laptop, or any programs installed, will automatically be erased from the laptop unless they are saved in the designated "thawed space" on the laptop computer.

RETURN LAPTOPS TO a Manager or Staff Member

Laptop computers and other equipment should always be returned to the library Service Desk and given to a student manager or library staff member and should not just be left on the counter when returned. For each 1 hour period, or portion thereof, that a laptop is returned beyond the due date/time there is a $2 fine (for the computer and/or the equipment). If there is missing or damaged equipment, there is a replacement charge of up to $1800 plus a processing fee of up to $200 for damage to or loss of the laptop computer or peripheral equipment.