Image Guidelines:
  • Submit the original quality image with no alteration in size.
  • Minimum recommended resolution is 1200 pixels on the long side.
  • If the original device cannot support the minimum resolution and you still believe it is a valuable image, please submit it with a note.
  • Images may be in JPEG or TIFF formats. If you have unusual formatting, please contact us.

Image Adjustment vs. Image Manipulation:
  • Adjusting the image on photographic terms such as cropping or exposure is allowed.
  • Photographs with content that has been modified or tampered with should not be submitted.


There is not one ethical standard for taking documentry photographs, although much has been written on the subject from organizations like the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). WIPO in describing the legal results of taking and using photographs writes:

While understanding the laws applicable to photography may help deal with the legal aspects of taking and using photographs, it is highly advisable that photographers and users of photographs also formulate their personal ethical code. Publishing photographs of people can cause the suffering or humiliation of the people depicted in situations that are embarrassing, painful or private. It is in such situations that photographers and users need to balance ethical considerations associated with the taking or publishing of photographs with their legal obligations under copyright and other laws.

It is important to be considerate to any specific cultural considerations when taking photographs. As a general rule it is always best to get permission to photograph before you do so. If publishing your image could possibly embarrass or expose your subject, please choose another image to submit to Macalester Views.