A Decade of Reflection on Vocation

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Global citizens not only see the world’s newest horizons, but also continually access the scope and impact of their own lives. ¬†Students who participate in the variety of Lilly programs come to believe that work is not simply chosen and performed for their own aspirations but with an eye to contributing to the common good of others.

Lilly calls forth the gifts, talents and contributions of our students as well as their continued leadership and vision in work that stretches far beyond the college borders.

After nearly a decade of Lilly programming, we asked some students to again engage in the reflections on life and work that Lilly so embraces. Students profiled in these pages are relatively recent graduates of Macalester, three to five years into their lives beyond college.  They have chosen different paths Рas teachers, community service professionals, international development specialists, and more Рyet their individual reflections give us a compass for understanding the magnitude of Lilly in their lives. Please click on photo to read that individual's story.