Project Requirements
& Judging Criteria


Presenting your work

Each team will prepare and deliver to the judging panel a 9-minute verbal/visual presentation of a technology-enabled product or service (mobile application, website, software application, traditional product or service with an internet gateway, etc.). The product or service may be designed for commercial use or for non-profit use.

Important: We are purposely leaving the requirements and judging criteria relatively open, in order to encourage and accommodate a wide range of creative submissions. Some rules may change as the event approaches.

Team presentations will cover two general areas:

1. The product/service/app/hack itself
2. The context in which the product/service/app/hack will be deployed

Judging will cover these two areas, and the presentation itself.

New this year, to better credit programming and technical work that may be difficult to show in a presentation, a “tech check” will be conducted with each team on Saturday, prior to the team presentations. This "tech check" is your teams opportunity to share with the judges specifics about technology used, process, and completed coding.

The product/service/app/hack itself

What is it?
How does it work?
    Include a clear explanation of the technology involved.
What is required for basic development?
How was it/will it be built?

Key Judging Criteria:
How well does the team understand the core idea? How well does the team understand the technological aspects? How creative and/or innovative is the concept? Are any critical issues unaddressed?

The context in which the product/service/app/hack will be deployed

Where is the need for this?
Who are the customers?
What are the benefits of usage; what is the value proposition?
Is it economically/socially viable?
What will be required to develop the concept?
    Include key business plan elements.
Where is the competition for the concept; other alternatives?
What are other barriers to success?

Key Judging Criteria:
How well does the team understand the market/social environment? How well does the team understand the financial and economic elements important to this concept? What are the potential impacts of the idea (including unintended effects) and does the team fully understand them? Are any critical issues unaddressed?

Critical aspects of the presentation

The presentation must clearly explain the concept and its context
    Judges may ask up to two (2) short questions of presenters
Presentation time limit of nine (9) minutes will be strictly enforced
    Timing system will be used, with visual indicators at 5 min.; 2 min.; 1 minute to go

Key Judging Criteria:
Quality and clarity of content (includes demo, mock-up/model; graphics etc), presentation logic and comprehensiveness, overall impact and persuasiveness.

The presentation must be the original product of the team and its members.

Concepts, coding, project development activity used previously for classwork or private implementation are not allowed as part of Macathon projects. However, team members are encouraged to consult peers, interested faculty and via the Facebook page, Macathon judges and planning committee members with any questions about the viability or development of their concepts and presentations.

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