Constitution & Bylaws

Macalester College Student Government (MCSG)
Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center, Room 235
651-696-6689 fax

MCSG Constitution

The MCSG Constitution established the governing structure, checks and balances, and power hierarchy within student government. The Constitution was most recently updated and approved by both the Macalester Student Body and the Macalester College Board of Trustees in April 2011.

MCSG Bylaws

The MCSG Bylaws are specific guidelines that govern day-by-day decision-making for MCSG. The bylaws were most recently updated through a supermajority vote by the Legislative Body on April 9, 2015.

Program Board Bylaws

The Program Board (PB) was established by Legislative action in 2000. Per this legislation, the PB controls and maintains its own set of bylaws that govern how they spend their allocation from the student activity fee. The PB bylaws were most recently amended in April 2014.