Committees and Boards

Academic Affairs Committee

The Academic Affairs Committee is dedicated to any and all things related to your academic career here at Mac! We are here to represent you in areas relating to policy, practices, and proposals of an academic nature. We also address areas relating to admissions and financial aid, academic buildings and facilities, the academic advising system, and tenure/personnel policies of the faculty.

Financial Affairs Committee

The Financial Affairs Committee (FAC) manages MCSG's money (i.e. the student activity fee)! We work with student organizations to efficiently and responsibly allocate money for events and programs in and around the Macalester community. We review budget submissions for the upcoming semester during the last month and a half of the current semester. Throughout the course of the semester we also review any requests for additional allocations that student orgs may have. 

Program Board

The Program Board (PB) is a branch of MCSG responsible for cultural, educational, and social programming on campus by utilizing a portion of student activity fees. PB hopes to promote and foster student leadership and collaboration.

Student Organizations Committee

From chartering a new organization to performing audits to transitioning to new leadership after a long summer away from Macalester, we know the ropes. You can find a list of current organizations and descriptions so you can find an org that fits your interest. We also have information about how to charter a new organization, how to request funding for your org via OrgSync, and how to plan successful events!

Student Services And Relations Committee

The SSRC has three primary responsibilities. The first is to represent the student body regarding the policies, programs and practices of Macalester College’s student services. The second is to make sure that MCSG actions are publicized in a timely manner so the student body can be well informed and responsive to the actions of MCSG. The third responsibility is to solicit feedback from students about their perspective of Macalester’s student services. In other words, we want to hear your questions, comments and concerns in our effort to make Macalester an even better place, than it already is. Please feel free to email us at .

Campus Committees

Are you not sure if you're ready to run for a student government representative position just yet?
However, are you still interested in learning what's going on around campus and having a say? Maybe in a specific area? Become a student representative on a Campus Committee! Each Campus Committee deals with a specific aspect or aspects of the college.

Student Liaison To The Board Of Trustees

The Student Liaison to the Board of Trustees will serve the interest of the Macalester community as a whole, while offering a student perspective, coordinating the student representatives for the Board. The liaison must meet the same standard of professionalism required of trustees and maintain the confidence of sensitive information.