Campus Committee Representatives

Campus Committee Representatives serve a vital function for Macalester students, connecting the disparate realms of the college's various Campus Committees to student voices. Each Campus Committee deals with a specific aspect of college policy, and each Campus Committee's web page can be found here.

Campus Committee Representatives are here to answer your questions and represent your interests in their positions on these various committees. Feel free to contact any of them with your questions. Below you'll find email addresses for each Representative. You can also find written summaries of what each committee is engaged in.

Conduct Board
The Conduct Hearing Board provides a formal method of adjudicating disputes and grievances or behavior that is in violation of college policies. A pool of students, faculty and staff are appointed to hear the cases brought before the CHB and to determine findings and when appropriate, recommend sanctions. The board meets on an irregular schedule depending on when relevant cases come up.

Student Reps: Sarah Gotwals, Aryssa Burton, Ariadne Baskin, Amalia Centurion, Spencer Weckwerth (fall only), Jasmine Landry (spring only), Brett Campbell

Educational Policy And Governance Committee (EPAG)

EPAG considers and evaluates various educational policies on campus. Discussions in EPAG resolve around concentrations, study abroad, majors/minors, and general education requirements. 

Student reps: Merita Bushi, June Ban

Honorary Degree Committee
Makes recommendations to the faculty and the Board of Trustees for the awarding of honorary degrees.

Student Reps: Sarah Shoemaker (spring only, Carolyn Gilbert (fall only), Jennifer Hunken

Library And Media Services Advisory Committee (LMS)

The committee provides guidance to the Library and Media Services directors and staff on policy and planning issues for the DeWitt Wallace Library and Media Services.  The committee devotes attention to special projects as needed.

Student Reps: Jennifer Suever, Carson Chen


Discusses campus media issues and selects the editors and managers of the Mac Weekly, Spotlight, and WMCN. Also assists media groups with budgeting issues, transition between semesters and academic years, training/workshops. 

Student Reps: Badhaftu Kadir, Jeff Garcia

Social Responsibility Committee
The college strives to invest in socially responsible ways. This committee strives to investigate methods for making our decisions more socially responsible. This could mean anything from mutual fund investments to Coca Cola. 

Student Reps: Josie Ahrens, Jeffrey Kaplan

Student Affairs Advisory Committee

This committee serves as an advisory board to the VP of student affairs Laurie Hamre. Student concerns and issues on campus are frequently discussed.

Student Reps: Jeff Garcia, Philip Jamison, Natalia Evens De Menezes (fall only), Katie Klein (spring only)

Resources And Planning Committee (RPC)
The Resources and Planning Committee acts as an advisory committee to the President regarding long-term financial planning. It reviews both annual and long-term budgets of the College and it undertakes studies of the college's resource use. 

Student Reps: Jocelyne Cardona, Nola Pastor

Student Employment Advisory Committee
Reviews, discusses, and coordinates programs related to student employment issues, including supervisor training, wage rates, and Student Employment Job Fair.

Student Reps: Jonathan Melms, Clementine Sanchez

Student Learning Committee
The Student Learning Committee focuses on identifying college-wide student learning goals, evaluates Macalester’s progress on those goals by utilizing data collected from various domains of student learning inquiry, and communicates findings to the Macalester and larger communities.

Student Reps: James Lindgren, Sara Stazak

Sustainability Advisory Committee
The mission of the Sustainability Advisory Committee is to oversee the implementation of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment and the Talloires Declaration. The committee will also recommend policies and practices which best reflect College’s commitment to an environmentally sustainable world. In addition, the committee will function as a conduit for information exchange about campus sustainability initiatives. 

Student Reps: Sabrina Upadhyay, Ivy Bardaglio

Technology Advisory Group (TAG)

TAG is an advisory group where students can have their concerns regarding technology be heard.

Student Reps: Audrey Kohout, Merita Bushi

Travel Fund
The purpose of the Macalester College Travel Fund is to support college related travel needs of students and student groups. The Travel Fund is funded by both college money each year as well as student fee money via MCSG. 

Student Reps: Julia Huerta, Li Guan (fall only), Andrew Tuttle (spring only)