Chartering a New Org

Congratulations on deciding to start up your own organization on campus! Here's a handy checklist of things to do to make sure that the process of turning your idea into reality runs smoothly:

If at any point in the chartering process you have any questions, stop by office hours or email us at 

1. Are you new and different? 
New student organizations must be able to prove that they are unlike anything else that is currently on campus. Make sure to check our list of currently chartered student organizations to see if there is any overlap.

2. Do enough people want to take part? 
In order to be chartered, you must be able to demonstrate that people actually will want to join the org that you are proposing. Typically, membership of about ten committed members is the threshold for becoming a chartered organization.

3. Will you be open to anybody who wishes to join? 
If the answer is no, you won't be chartered. Macalester student orgs are open to everyone, and organizations are not allowed to limit their membership in any way.

4. Will you appoint your leadership through fair elections? 
If the answer to this question is yes, and your org fits all of the above categories as well, you're ready to take part in the chartering process!


First, you'll need to create a charter. We've included a sample charter for you at the bottom of this page which details what sort of information needs to be included in yours. If you have any questions about writing your charter, feel free to drop by the MCSG office during office hours and we can help you get started.

When you submit your charter, you'll also submit a charter request form (also linked on the bottom of this page) with the names of your initial leadership, potential meeting times and locations, and a list of names of people who would be interested in joining.

Once you submit these documents to Campus Programs, you'll have a chance to meet with them to discuss the future of your organization and what you would like it to become. Afterwards, you'll meet with the Student Organizations Committee of MCSG to talk it over with them. Once they have gone over any necessary changes to your charter, it will be submitted to the larger Legislative Body of MCSG for a vote. If they vote 'yes', congratulations! You are officially a chartered organization.