Meeting Summaries

Meeting summaries - Fall 2014- Spring 2015

April 28

  • Last LB meeting of the school year!
  • Received an update from the Student Employment Advisory Committee and the Library and Media Services
  • Reviewed the Printing Waste Reduction plan
  • Refused approval for bill 0009
  • Refused to charter a chapter of the National Society for Leadership and Success
  • Reorganized SAAC as a member of the Student Government body
  • Approved the FAC-recommended 2015-6 budget
  • Approved an additional allocation for Scotch Tape
  • Approved additional funding for Model Minority Mutiny

April 21

  • Received an update from the Resources and Planning Committee
  • Approved a Community Chest request for Model Minority Mutiny
  • Approved an amended bill 0008, regarding additional transparency bylaws
  • Approved an amendment to the 2015-6 budget, decreasing the "checkbook cut" from 50% to 30%
  • Approved an appealed budget for WMCN of $15,151
  • Approved an appealed budget for Mac Slams of $9,200
  • Approved an appealed budget for Sitting @ Mac of $2,317
  • Approved an appealed budget for Mac Public Health of $2,150
  • Approved an appealed budget for Outing Club of $13,100
  • Approved an appealed budget for MacACLU of $970.20
  • Approved an appealed budget for MacWeekly of $13,774.02
  • Tabled voting of the 2015-6 budget and bill 0009 until next week

April 14

  • Received an update on the standing PB budget for Spring 2015
  • Reviewed and discussed changes to Kagin policies
  • Received an update from the Student Social Responsibility Committee
  • Approved resolution 0003, affirming funding for summer internships
  • Approved bill 0007, outlining the responsibilities for class representatives and MCSG executives
  • Approved the LCB bill, detailing the function and status of the Lecture Coordination Board in the future
  • Heard budget presentations from Mac Martial Arts and Sitting at Mac
  • Decided not to reconsider R0002 for edits
  • Introduced two bills: 0009 and 0010
  • Reviewed two SSRC community chest requests
  • Approved a partial allocation for Off Kilter
  • Tabled discussion of the final 2015 FAC budget until next week

April 7

  • Received an update from the Student Academic Affairs Advisory Committee
  • Introduced bill B0007, discussing the responsibilities of class representatives
  • Discussed the creation of a MCSG procedure guidebook
  • Approved resolution R0002, forwarding a new indecent exposure clause to Student Affairs
  • Received budget presentations from MacFEASTChinese Culture ClubHegemonicalMactivists, and Afrika!
  • Discussed the schedule for the budget approval process, as well as the org appeals timeline

March 31

  • Received an update on NYT digital access
  • Approved a bill creating a initiative for a student-liaison position on the Union Park community board
  • Reviewed the budgets of Fresh Concepts, WMCN, and the Outing Club
  • Received an update on the upcoming Sexual Assault Forum
  • Reviewed SSRC recommendations for community chest requests
  • Approved an additional allocation request from WMCN
  • Introduced the charter for MacFEAST
  • Approved an amended allocation request for a speaker from AFRICA
  • Rejected an allocation request from Mac Sitting
  • Rejected an allocation from Mac Public Health
  • Introduced a budgeting proposal from the FAC and Exec Board

March 24

  • Met with the LCB and discussed the future possibilities of LCB rollover funding
  • Opposed a motion to form a committee to investigate LCB rollover funding
  • Received an EPAG update on the internationalism requirement and concentrations
  • Discussed the NYT physical and digital access options
  • Approved changes to the MacPIRG charter to allow a budgeting process
  • Approved and ratified the charter of a new student org, the Macalester Bridge Club
  • Introduced a bill to remove the indecent exposure clause from the Student Handbook

March 10

  • Discussed responsibilities of class representatives
  • Discussed better ways to garner feedback from the student body
  • Approved a funding request from Mac Model UN to bring a speaker to campus
  • Approved a funding request from the APA for APA month
  • Opposed a motion to host an MPIRG-led student assembly on income inequality

September 9

  • Discussed Roberts Rules of Order and proper parliamentary procedure for returning members
  • Introduced Omnibus Bill, includes a proposition to elect a speaker for the Lower Body, clarified language, reassigned duties to MCSG staff
  • FAC and LB approved Little Scots allocation funding of $790.00
  • Heard update from AAC about condition of new and incoming textbooks in the reserve
  • SOC discussed unfreezing process for orgs that had not attended the required org fair and changes to the current students tab on the Mac website
  • PB discussed incoming events and the success of the previous welcome week
  • Discussed MacGroveland council and the possibility of more student body involvement
  • Debated implementation of on campus smoking ban and the implications for open debate
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