Community Chest Requests

Macalester College Student Government (MCSG)
Ruth Stricker Dayton Campus Center, Room 235
651-696-6689 fax

The Community Chest is a pot of money that all students can access regardless of their affiliation with student orgs on campus. If you have any cool ideas for how student activity fee money should be spent, you can put in a request here and we'll get back to you shortly.

The following are the guidelines that inform SSRC decisions on Community Chest requests, taken directly from SSRC bylaw:

8. Community Chest

  1. The SSRC shall consider Community Chest requests throughout the semester.
  2. The SSRC shall be allowed to allocate $5,000 per semester to allocate for Community Chest requests effective January 1, 2013.
    1. The SSRC may continue reviewing Community Chest requests after the $5,000 has been allocated.
    2. Any requests that exceed the semesterly budget of the Community Chest must be approved by the FAC Chair and a majority vote in the SSRC.
    3. The SSRC shall notify the FAC Chair of the amount of all Community Chest allocations.
  3. Community Chest requests may be approved by a majority vote of the SSRC.
    1. The SSRC will make a recommendation on all Community Chest requests over $500.00. The LB will vote on all SSRC recommendations.
    2. The SSRC can recommend to fund the full request, a partial amount of the request, or no amount.
  4. Requestors may appeal SSRC decisions to the full LB by contacting the MCSG President or SSRC Chair at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of SSRC decisions and recommendations being presented to the LB.
  5. The following are guidelines that inform SSRC recommendations:
    1. The SSRC shall not allocate funds retroactively.
    2. Recommendations of the SSRC must come out of committee in order to be voted on by the Legislative Body of MCSG.
    3. Any requestor can appeal a decision made by the SSRC. Appeals can be made to the Legislative Body (meeting times can be found  on the MCSG website), and require a simple majority for the SSRC decision to be overturned.
    4. The SSRC shall not consider requests made by student organizations.
    5. The SSRC shall not fund competitive athletic groups.
    6. The SSRC shall not fund gifts or prizes to students
    7. The SSRC shall not fund gift cards.
    8. The SSRC shall not fund requests for bottled water.
    9. The SSRC shall not fund donations in-kind to a charity.
    10. The SSRC shall consider subsidizing food only when integral to the request.
    11. The SSRC shall consider subsidizing clothing only when necessary for the request.
    12. The SSRC shall consider subsidizing the cost for tickets and fees for frequently repeated events.