Mission Statement & Vision

Macalester First Aid works to create a safe and healthy community by providing emergency medical education and assistance to the Macalester student body. As a student-based organization, Macalester First Aid fosters a community of students empowered with the skills to take responsibility for themselves and one another.

We aim to...
  • provide high-quality emergency medical assistance to the campus community
  • provide medical training and continuing education to students and the community
  • connect students with resources for continued professional education
  • make students aware of situations of medical concern
  • foster a safe and responsive environment, where medical attention is available and assured by fellow students


*in MFA leadership


Anna Singer, Brooke Collins, Jill Oberski*, Justin Randall, Lawrence Furan, Megan Schermerhorn, Nathaniel Williams, Nita Chai, Oliver Koo, Taylor Muenchow, Zoe Kulik.


Andrew Olinger*, Aryeh Blumenreich, Carolyn Filardo, Carolyn Willis, Claire Prewitt*, Daniel Yee*,  Hanyue "Kathy" Xu*, Jasmine Landry*, Josh Weiner, Lucy Westerfield*, Margaret Nemetz*, Michael Waltman, PJ Murphy, Sarah Gotwals*, Sophie Raynor*, Tara Cayton, Victoria Lewis, Wynonna Ardiansyah, Yang Zhang.