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MnObe Directors Meeting - 8/22/2003
9:30 - 12 noon
Macalester College
Present: Sam Demas, Bryn Geffert, Mike Kathman, Susan Richards (Lawrence), Terri Fishel
Absent: Dan Mollner
Facilitator: Bryn Geffert

Electronic Licenses
Status of Librarians
Collection Development
OCLC Collection Analysis Software
Next meetings, and meetings with subgroups

We welcomed Susan who joined us from Wisconsin. Charlotte Slocum(Beloit) wasn't able to join us, but she is interested in future meetings. We began with an exchange of what's new in our libraries.

- ExLibris is up and running and includes some nice features. They are also choosing to go with SFX at the U.
- LiveData - exploring use of a program that the U has written, a content management tool for your website.
- Digitization - very busy with a number of projects and a number of grants, including teams in Syria and Lebanon to dig. Digitizing 500-600 objects in liturgical subjects. Working on a slide collection for East Asian materials.
- Lost three staff

- Hasn't reached a decision about SFX, will be pulling a group together to discuss
- Implemented Illiad
- Second phase of three phase of renovation completed, utilizing compact shelving with Space Saver
- IInfo Commons next summer, jointly planned with IT and Library staff and hope to staff with IT and library
- Filled 3 out 4 positions
- Involved with LibQual project
- InfoLit assessment with ACM
- MITC first year survey group
- St. Olaf and Carleton will share a catalog - implementation phase in June 2004
- Campus is in transition, President will retire at end of academic year; Dean of Conservatory will become Dean of the College
- Moving from DRA to new integrated library system
- Will be hosting ALA traveling exhibit on Lincoln
- Beginning cooperation with the public library
o Joint programming
o Book discussion series
- New web page - Librarian is campus web site coordinator

- Will be exploring whether to move SFX to U server
- Implementing Millenium WAM, hope to have up by January 2004
- Content Mgmt system - implementing Contribute by Macromedia
- Participating in MITC survey of first year students
- Making further enhancements to the Campus portal - LESTER
- Personnel
o Still looking for Collection Management Team Leader
o Yunshan Ye, our East Asian Studies librarian who will be shared with Carleton and St. Olaf began August 4th
- New President, Brian Rosenberg, began in August (from Lawrence)

- Filled serials, two ref positions
- New carpeting, painting
- Exploring status and rights of librarians
- Participating in survey of 1st year students for MITC (MITC is a child of NITLE, which is comprised of ACM/GLAC members along with other south and east coast institutions)
- 3, 500 music cds left by alum
- Merger with Carleton and will have single records
- Participated in the ACM Psych conference
- Implementing e-reserves in the Fall

Gustavus - no report

Questionpoint - Mike asked if we are interested in a joint trial. St. Olaf has had a demo, and Mac has signed on. CSBJSU would like to do a test, and Carleton is interested. Bryn agreed to check to see if they would offer a trial.

Wisconsin academic privates and UW comprehensives explored. Susan might be interested. CSBSJU used Instant Messenger and students loved it. St. Olaf would like to explore if students are interested. The MnObe reference group hasn't been exploring. Mike will ask Jim P. to take a leadership role in this. Lawrence would like to be kept in the loop.

We discussed the need for more feedback from the groups. We agreed we need to work on communication structure. We agreed we need to bring staff together to talk structure. We agreed we would like to meet with the subgroups during some of of our Directors meetings. (See meeting schedule below.)

Electronic licenses (See Mike's Excel file attached to this message)
The ILL responses surprised some of us. There is a lot of interest in the group, and Mike was planning on sending the responses to the listserv. Terri will send documents to Mike (list of principles, and guidelines Mac uses.) NERL and Yale were mentioned by several on the list. If we could get MINITEX and Ohionet to adopt a set of consistent principles, it would be a start. In the meantime, we hope to discuss at the Oberlin meeting in October and see how much buy-in for a consistent policy.

Status of librarians at our institutions. We had an exchange regarding faculty status at each institution.

Collection Development - We had a follow-up on the collection development decisions we made last spring, in particular those we said we'd work on over the summer. We agreed we would post our journal cancellation lists. We also agreed to meet in August, which is not going to happen. We agreed we need to formalize a working group on Collection Development and meet with them as a group during one of our director's meetings. We agreed to look at the following:

- Post our journal cancellation lists
- review our subscriptions for ScienceDirect
- MULS updating
- Formalize group and identify staff participants

Followup on OCLC collection analysis software idea - The cost of the software is steep for some of us. Mike mentioned that a "Dark Archive" of JSTOR titles is being collected in MLAC (these will be non-circulating.) CSBSJU is weeding their JSTOR titles. Carleton has 30,000 volumes storage space in MLAC (although we don't know how this was arranged.) Carleton has shipped 12,000 volumes to MLAC. We agreed to wait and see what develops at Oberlin meeting as Bob Kieft is also interested in the OCLC collection analysis. Terri is working on a CLIC initiative to do some cooperative collection development. Bryn, Sam and Kathy, are all interested. Sam and Kathy will facilitate organizing a meeting in November. Mike suggested talking to David Laird of the Private College Council about possible funding. The OCLC analysis will provide a look at the depth of holdings and overlap. It will allow us to gather data, help inform collection development, and identify materials for weeding. It was mentioned that Woldcat can be used to search and identify unique holdings. (Bryn? saw a demo and thought this was very "cool".)

Next meetings:
Thursday, October 23rd, 12 p.m. - meet with Collection Development folks
Friday, November 21st, 9:30 a.m. - meet with Reference Group
Friday, December 19th, 9:30 a.m.

[Note: Mike has sent some emails that one of these dates doesn't work for his staff.]

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