Student Identity Collectives

Created in 2002, the LSC’s Identity Collectives provide spaces for identity exploration and support around the intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, nationality, ability, and socioeconomic status. Recognizing the multiple and intersecting identities we all carry and the importance of a supportive community as we explore our privileged and marginalized identities, the Idenity Collectives provide students with the opportunity to build community and talk together both within their specific collectives and in inter-group dialogues. Each collective group is facilitated by trained students and staff. Please note: We ask that you self-identify with the collective that you wish to join. If you have general questions about the collectives, please contact Aida Martinez-Freeman.


Asian Women of the Diaspora Collective

Coco Du, Residential Life

Black Women of the Diaspora Collective

Marian Aden, Residential Life
Yacine Diouf '17
Joan Maze, Campus Activities & Operations

diaspora of southern asia COLLECTIVE (DOSA)

Shruthi Kamisetty '16
Aarohi Narain '18

disability, chronic pain & chronic illness COLLECTIVE

Kate Gallagher '16
Tess Huber '16

Latin American Women and Non-binary Folk of the Diaspora Collective

Cecilia Caro '18
Giselle Lora '18
Isabel Velazquez-Acero '18

Men of Color Collective

Sedric McClure, MAX Center & Multicultural Life
Marcos Ortega, Biology 
Daniel Yee '16

MIXEd Race identity Collective

Samia Habli '16
Emily TahaBurt '16


Anna Mickle '17
EJ Schoenborn '17

Queer People of Color Collective

Demetrius Colvin, Multicultural Life
Ollin Montes '17
Suresh Mudragada, Campus Programs

Queer Women identity Collective

Kate Gallagher '16
Marissa Heim '17
Natalie Kaplan '17
Mariah Sitler '18
Vivian Liu '17


Spencer Fugate '18

transracial/transnational adopteeS identity Collective

Grace Newton '16

White Identity Collective

Tessa Brow, Residential Life
Neely Heubach, Alumni Relations
Henry Kellison '17
Alexa Peters Posner '16

Women of Color Collective

Afifa Benwahoud, Multicultural Life
Consuelo Gutierrez-Crosby, Civic Engagement Center
Samia Habli '16
Vivian Liu '17
Elise Ong '16

Working Class Collective

Mary Emanuelson, Career Development Center