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Fia-Starsa is a non-hierarchical activist and social space that works to promote awareness of gender equity as a universal rather than exclusively female issue, promote action against sexual violence, and provide resources/support for students at Macalester. All are welcome!

Macalester Reimagines Masculinity

MR M is a pro-feminist, anti-sexist organization that hosts events designed to create discussion around alternative and anti-sexist masculinities. MR M recognizes the intersectional nature of oppression and collaborates closely with FIA-STARSA, QU, and other orgs. All people are welcome at MR M meetings and events.

Queer Union

Student-run QU seeks to serve the needs of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identified students at Macalester. Meetings are every Wednesday at 10:15 p.m. in the Campus Center

Student Identity Collectives

Collectives provide students with the opportunity to talk together about identity and diversity issues both within their specific communities and in inter-group dialogues. Each collective group is facilitated by trained faculty, staff, and students.

Gender Variant Identity Collective

Queer People of Color Collective

Queer Women Collective

As Is

As Is is a conversation and support community for students interesting in exploring and questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation. The confidential group is co-facilitated by LGBTQ staff and students. Those interested should contact Jim Hoppe (hoppe@macalester.edu, x6220), Allison Greenlee (greenlee@macalester.edu, x6202), or Don DeBorer (ddborer@macalester.edu, x6275).

Because We Are Not Alone

Because We Are Not Alone is an all gender sexual assault support group open to Macalester students of any gender who have experienced sexual assault or violence.
Pre-screening is required to ensure the confidentiality and safety of participants. Please contact Brooke Skinner-Drawz, Mental Health Counselor at the Health & Wellness Center, at 651.696.6204 or skinner@macalester.edu.

The Allies Project

The Allies Project at Macalester College consists of a group of faculty, administrators, and students who are committed to creating a safe environment and community for all people.

Out and Proud Staff and Faculty

The Out and Proud community is a voluntary list of Macalester faculty and staff members who self-identify as LGBTQIA.

Scot's Pride

Scot's Pride unites Macalester's LGBT alumni across the globe for fun, social events, and networking. The group also seeks to support students, staff, and faculty through advancing a positive LGBT campus climate.

Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Department


The Cultural House

The Cultural House is an initiative of the Department of Multicultural Life, and offers both a residential and programmatic space for the Macalester community. The residential community is an all-gender options for sophomores and above. Members of the Macalester community may use the full-service kitchen/dining room or living room for discussion, dialogues, and programs that offer opportunites for community building and explorations of identities and social justice.

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center

The Gender and Sexuality Resource Center, located on the lower level of Kagin, is an independently-run, student-powered, exploratory space which aims to create a stronger culture of resistance against all forms of oppression.

Kirk 4

Kirk 4 is an all-gender housing option open to all upper-level students who are interested in issues of gender identity and sexual orientation. In this community students can explore and express who they are in a safe and affriming environment. Interested student should apply beforw room draw in the spring.

The Health and Wellness Center

The mission of the Health and Wellness Center is to create a healthy community by working with students to achieve physical, emotional, and social well-being. Located in the Leonard Center, Health and Wellness provides medical services, counseling, health-promotion activities, and safer sex materials to students for little to no cost.

All HWC staff are trained allies committed to promoting health and wellness for our LGBTQ students in a safe and supportive environment.


Events and Programs


Lavender Reception

Scot's Pride And Student Mixer (SPASM)

Coming Out Week

Queer Cabaret


Sex Positive Week

Queer Cabaret

Lavender Graduation