Trans* @ Mac

Identity/Name-Change Process

At Macalester College, we recognize the importance of creating policies and practices that support students who identify as transgender, genderqueer, and/or gender non-conforming to feel included and valued in our campus community. To this end, this webpage was created to provide an overview of the processes that we have in place to assist students who may be considering, or who are in the process of, changing their name and/or gender identity.

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for keeping official student transcripts and records. The regsistrar works in collaboration with the Dean of Students to support students in the process of transition. Students with question about the process for changing their name and/or gender identity should begin by  scheduling a meeting with Jim Hoppe, , the Dean of Students. At this meeting, students can talk through their options for changing how their name  appears in: (a) the college directory, (b) email, (c) ID card, (d) class roster, (e) and on  most college correspondence. The college strives to support students in transition prior to any legal name change to ensure that they are recognized as who they are during their daily experience at Macalester College.

The name that appears on diplomas and correspondence from the Registrar’s Office and the Office of Financial Aid is based upon the “name of record” which is the legal name under which the student was admitted. Students wishing to change the name in the official academic record at the college must provide acceptable documentation which includes: (a) social security card, (b) passport, (c) driver’s license, or (d) court order. Upon receipt and verification of the provided documentation, the registrar’s office will change the student’s name in the official academic record.

 If you have any questions or concerns the college process, contact Jim Hoppe at or Addy Free at .

All-Gender Housing

Residence Life has proposed and the college has approved opening up the following areas to housing students in bedrooms regardless of gender if the students choose this option(GCA, GDD, Kirk, Language Houses, Veggie Co-op, and Summit House). More information about all-gender living options at Macalester can be found on the Department of Residence Life’s webpage.

All-Gender Bathrooms

For people whose gender expression is not always recognized or validated, entering gendered restrooms can result in humiliation, harassment, or violence. To recognize the importance of the safety and comfort of everyone in our community, Macalester wants to ensure access to single-stall and/or all-gender restrooms on campus.

If you have questions, or feel that any of the following information is incorrect, please contact Demetrius Colvin at .

77 Mac:

4 single-stall restrooms

Lower level/basement

Campus Center:

1 single-stall restroom

Lower level, between the Highlander Store and SPO

Cultural House:

1 all-gender multi-stall restroom

First Floor

*Not wheelchair accessible


2 single-stall restrooms

First floor, next to Dupre Hall Office

1 single-stall restroom

Basement floor


2 single-stall restrooms

Basement floor

Janet Wallace Theater Building:

2 single-stall restrooms

First floor, next to the box office

Janet Wallace Art Building:

2 single-stall restrooms

Second floor, next to the print studio


2 all-gender multi-stall restrooms

Lower level, along back wall


2 single-stall restrooms

Lower level, next to soda machines

Leonard Center:

1 single-stall locker room (with shower)

First floor, next to pool entrance


Multi-stall restrooms

One on the second and fourth floors

Markim Hall:

6 single-stall restrooms

Two on first floor, two on second floor, two on third floor

Neil Hall:

1 multi-stall restroom

Second floor

Old Main:

2 single-stall restrooms

Fourth Floor


2 single-stall restrooms

First floor, next to Boardroom