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Football Analytics

Using analytics, a Macalester economics major is at the forefront of a major shift in how a football game unfolds.

Music and Freedom

A first-year class connects philosophy, politics, and history with music ranging from Mozart to Mingus.

Back to the Classroom

For the first time since becoming president of Macalester, Brian Rosenberg returned to the classroom to team-teach a seminar.

Geologist Shaper

Geology professor Ray Rogers has trained a nationwide network of colleagues.

A Computer Science Sabbatical

Computer science professor Shilad Sen’s sabbatical resulted in grant funding and knowledge that will benefit Mac students for years to come.

Literary Publishing

Manuscript to finished paperback, students in a hands-on English course work their way through the publishing process.

Gates Grant for PhD Research

Zoë Campbell ’09 is one of only 16 students worldwide selected for a special program where she’ll help Tanzanian farmers as she earns her PhD.

On the Cancer Frontlines

In his second summer at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Liang “Adrian” Chang continued cutting edge research into breast cancer metastasis.

Learning in Israel

Ben Shields ’17 explored once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in the Middle East thanks to Mac Classics connections.

Temple Power

Every fall, a couple dozen Macalester students get up well before dawn and drive an hour south to a Buddhist temple to feed hungry ghosts.

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Young Alumni Entrepreneurs

Fashion, clean energy, home brewing. Young alumni create new enterprises by combining ideas, initiative and determination with the willingness to take a chance.

Taking off with Sun Country

Mutaz Alnaas ’17 used his work in math and economics during an internship with the airline industry.

Learning in Israel

Ben Shields ’17 explored once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in the Middle East thanks to Mac Classics connections.

Teaching Kids to Write

Hank Hietala '17 teaches kids to write at Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute.

Making College Possible

An internship with College Possible inspired Lillian Hexter ’16 to pursue a career that combines fundraising and social justice.

The Class of 2015: After Mac

We checked in with a few members of the Class of 2015 to see what their first year out of college looks like.

Healthcare Consultant

An information session with Macalester alumni inspired Jyothi Dhanwada ’15 to pursue a career in healthcare consulting; today she works with Optum Consulting at UnitedHealth Group.

Astronomy Intern

Asra Nizami ’16 (Karachi, Pakistan) interned with the Space Telescope Science Institute, an affiliate of NASA.

Bee Bacteria to Galaxies

Over 80 Macalester students in the hard sciences, environmental studies, and math, statistics and computer science gained valuable hands-on summer research experience through internships.

Goats and Garlic Mustard

Macalester biology students lived and worked at Ordway Field Station this summer, conducting research on plant nutrition, trees, ovenbirds, and garlic mustard.

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