Photos: Fall 2013 Week 6

CATEGORY: Student Life
TYPE: Photos

Photographers: Emma Pulido '14, Edda Veelik '16, David Turner

Here are a few of the events our photographers captured this past week: rehearsals for The Government Inspector were in high gear, the show will be presented November 7-9; students were outside enjoying the last nice days of the fall semester; our photographer got into some of the new classrooms in the Janet Wallace Fine Arts Center; Alana Horton '14 rehearsed for her senior directing project I/Macalester which combined archival documents, fragments of oral history interviews, stories of objects and spaces as well as the actors' own stories to weave a web of voices around "Macalester" past, present, and future; Mark Mandanaro, Music,  directed the orchestra in preparation for Family Fest; a poetry slam took place as part of the IGC's International Roundtable; a petting zoo attracted lots of students; a cappella groups performed for families, at Family Fest; and the Mac football team took on rival Carleton College.

PUBLISHED: 10/14/2013