Macalester Today Fall 2010

Juan Sebastian Martinez Fernandez de Cordova ’14 William Shakespeare School, Quito, Ecuador

How does a teenager from halfway around the world hear about Mac? In the case of Juan Sebastian Martinez of Quito, Ecuador, it was close friend Jose Rubio ’12 who urged him to take a look at Mac.

“I had to give Macalester a try after hearing about its students’ hospitality and how it was a place where internationalism and multiculturalism are key factors,” he says. “Those are rare in my home country.”

Despite having visited the campus in January (“I know for a fact it will be very cold during the winter, but I’ll survive,” Juan says. “After all, I studied for a year in Canada!”), Juan “instantaneously fell in love with the college and its people.” His one hometown friend notwithstanding, Juan is the only student in his high school class to attend a small liberal arts college in the United States.

"I will miss my nana's cooking."

Juan is planning to study economics and international relations and has a goal to visit China before he graduates. “I have an intense curiosity about that country and its people,” he says. He also hopes to continue in Model United Nations and Tai Chi Chuan while at Mac, both activities that he was passionate about during his high school years. An only child of a psychoanalyst mother and Spanish study-program administrator father, Juan fully expects to miss his friends and family while he’s more than 3,000 miles from home. But more than anything else, he says, “I will miss my Nana’s cooking.”