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summit to st. clair - campus news summary
  • Tagging and Connecting

    isaac sparling with professor senComputer science profess or Shilad Sen (shown here with Isaac Sparling ’10) is jazzed about empowering people to be better online contributors.

  • Shaping the Future

    kathy murrayWhat does Macalester do well? Not so well? What curriculum and faculty will make us the college we want to be 10, 20, or 40 years from now?

  • Live it

    breakin' projectMacalester has long said that civic engagement and internationalism are two of its core values. The college’s students embrace those values too.

  • Winning Big

    student winnerMacalester students scooped up numerous prestigious scholarships last spring.

  • Pitching Ace

    james murreyJames Murrey ’10 (Western Springs, Ill.) became Macalester’s first four-time all-conference pick last spring.

  • Dinosaur Dough

    kristi curry rogersKristi Curry Rogers, dinosaur expert and associate professor of biology and geology, has been awarded a five-year $571,000 CAREER grant from the National Science Foundation.

  • Molecular Mechanism Money devavani chaterjeaDevavani Chatterjea, assistant professor of biology, was recently awarded a three-year $482,000 Academic Research Enhancement Award.

regular columns featured in Macalester Today

mac around the world - in albania

Mac Around the World
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Above: Four Mac alumni met up in Madrid in February 2010. From left: Brittany Lynk ’06 was passing through from Albania, where she currently works with a USAID agricultural project; Emily Parks ’08 was on a European tour; Hector Pascual Alvarez ’08 is living in Alcala de Henares doing theatrical historical tours for youth; and Amanda Coen ’07 is working in Madrid teaching English.

  • Household Words

    Commencement Remarks

    Brian Rosenberg, the president of Macalester College, writes a regular column for Macalester Today. He can be reached at

  • Grandstand

    Veggie Paradise. Macalester didn’t turn me into a vegetarian; I arrived that way. I quit eating meat during my preschool years. At the dinner table, I’d stow cubes of Salisbury steak in my underpants, then later file them away in a super-secret meat stash between the kitchen wall and the refrigerator.


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