Macalester Today Spring 2011

4 firsts
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IN LATE WINTER, Sebastian was still having trouble balancing schoolwork with his social life. Of course, the course load he’d chosen wasn’t an easy one: Intro to International Economics, Intro to International Studies, Single Variable Calculus, and Chinese.

Much to his and everyone else’s surprise, says Sebastian, his favorite class has been international economics, mostly because of Pro- fessor Raymond Robertson. “I’m incredibly motivated to keep learning, but if my professor wasn’t such an energetic person I wouldn’t have fun in this class,” he says.

Despite the challenges, he remains committed to earning an economics degree and is looking forward to his sophomore year. But first came spring break, which he happily spent in sunny Los Angeles with his best friend from Ecuador.

As comforting as old friends are, Sebastian has reveled in meeting new ones in St. Paul. Asked about his favorite part of college, he answers: “Mac students! I thank life every second for permitting me to meet such charismatic and friendly people as the ones at Mac.”

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