Macalester Today Spring 2011

4 firsts
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AFTER A ROCKY START, Kiah now loves her life at Mac. She was relieved to get an A, two Bs, and a pass in her first semester classes (she chose to take her “really hard” anthropology class pass/fail). This term she’s especially enjoying “Origins,” a class with biology professor and dinosaur expert Kristi Curry Rogers, and con- tinues to plug away at French, with the goal of spending some of her junior year in a French- speaking country.

Kiah has made many more friends as the year has gone on, noting that she has even met a few people working at Café Mac. She also became close with her dorm mates: “I love my floor! We have fun staying up super late and dancing in the lounge when we’re supposed to be studying.”

Dancing, in fact, has become a big part of Kiah’s social life. In February she performed with a group at the Black History Month vari- ety show and also gained a spot on the highly selective Bodacious dance team. “It’s really cool,” she says of the ambitious group, which rehearses twice a week. “I’ve got to learn to move in ways I never have before! It’s good car- dio exercise and lots more fun than running on a treadmill.”

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