Macalester Today Spring 2011

4 firsts
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SAM KNEW SHE LOVED ART when she got to Macalester, and by mid-year she’d truly become part of the department. Second seme ter found her studying both fibers/materials and sculpture (“drawing was full,” she laments) as well as working eight hours per week in the art department “doing whatever they ask—building stuff, taking things apart, cleaning studios, setting up for art classes.”

Altering a book was one assignment in late winter for her fibers/materials class. She spoke animatedly of creating a tiny book and cleverly storing it inside a cut-out section of a larger volume. She’s looking forward to the art classes she can take sophomore year, in- cluding drawing, art history, and Fibers 2, and is contemplating a studio art program in the Netherlands for junior year. “It would be a great way to get ready for my senior capstone project,” she says.

Sam has been less enthralled with the dorms than are some of her first-year peers, so she was happy to be considering sophomore year spent in either Russian House or EcoHouse.

As for summer, once again Art Department connections figure in her plans: If no internship works out, says Sam, she may spend the summer working in sculpture professor Stan Sears’s Wisconsin farm.

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