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Dorm Sweet Dorm


Residential hall life has changed quite a bit since the days when all dorms were single gender and the girls had curfews.

Although Macalester students still trod the dignified marble stairs of Wallace and gaze at the groovy slanted ceilings of the Stadium, they decorate differently and equip their rooms with a dazzling array of electronics. They also have options—such as Veggie Co-op, Eco House, and apartment-style living—that students didn’t enjoy back in the day.

Although juniors and seniors are free to live off campus, today’s students aren’t as eager to do that as they once were, says Residential Life operations manager Kathy McEathron. In fact, after last year’s room draw, there was still a waiting list of students wanting dorm space, due only in part to the extra big Class of 2013. Another change McEathron has seen in her decade at Mac: Fewer students seek singles, despite the fact that the college has more of these to offer than most schools, with 88 in Dupre alone.

It would be impossible to show the range of living situations that Mac kids have to choose among, but we decided to picture a few possibilities here, including one of Mac’s five language houses and an apartment-style option.

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Great Rooms

Macalester students show and tell us what makes their dorm rooms great. These were selected among the many fabulous rooms for their uniqueness, creativity and energy.


dorm room in wallace

with so many living options, mac students easily turn student housing into home

pretty pictures of her dorm room


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Hannah Van Den Brandt ’13 (above, Madison, Wis.) and roommate Camille Cauchois ’13 (left, Oakland, Calif.) are thrilled to live in 207 Wallace, one of Mac’s few bay-windowed rooms. Wallace Hall is a century-old building with high ceilings and wood floors. “We call it our apartment on Summit Avenue,” Hannah says. “We went for the homey look rather than the dorm room look.” The two, who met as first-year students in Turck Hall, appreciate Wallace’s character and its sense of history. “It’s fun to think about how many people have lived in your room and walked the hallways before you,” says Camille.
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Living spaces need themes, decided roommates Sophie Schwadron ’13 (left, Silver Spring, Md.) and Ariel Sehr ’13 (Evanston, Ill.), so they spent much of last summer contemplating theirs, exchanging emails while Sophie was at home and Ariel working at a camp. After much negotiating, they arrived at an underwater world theme for 273 Bigelow, which they have truly embraced, with fish decals, a plastic octopus mascot, even Aquafresh toothpaste. “We both have a habit of getting too excited about everything and being too crafty—just look at the supplies under our bed!” says Ariel. Asked if their decorating was complete, Sophie says, “It’s a process and we’re never done.”
lake room


fridge magnets

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Macalester boasts several language houses, one of the most popular of which is Spanish House, with 11 residents this year—including native speaker lab instructors Lucrecia Zanolli (Argentina) and Hugo Gonzalez Martinez (Spain). Because the residents of 196 Vernon Street need only have passed the second level of Spanish, most aren’t fluent when they move into “La Casa.” This year’s group—Ina Rojnic ’13, Elizabeth Carey ’12, Harry Kent ’13, Daimon Hardy ’13, Ira Martopullo ’12, Emily Pancoast ’11, Colin Jarvis ’13, Ryan Schleeter ’13, and Robert Zamora ’13— is shown here enjoying one of their weekly Sunday dinners. “I love speaking Spanish on a daily basis,” say Ina. “Plus it’s a very homey and cozy place.”
eating dinner

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It’s all about movies and sports in 113 George Draper Dayton, a suite-style residence hall unit housing five football players. “The big draw was the living room,” admits David Melms ’13 (Wauwatosa, Wis.) “In dorm lounges, other students may be watching something you don’t like or acting crazy. This way we can watch our own movies and have people over.” The roommates admit to viewing four or five films a week, with sports and comedy flicks such as The Hangover and Remember the Titans among their top picks for watching on the 32-inch TV with surround sound. The fridge, frozen pizza cooker, and multiple couches just add to the ambiance. Video games are also popular. Shown below playing Madden 2011 are (from left) fullback JP Pawelk ’13 (Cologne, Minn.), his high school friend Tim Watts, and Melms. Left: Melms in the suite’s living room.
playing a game
cooking together
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Veggie Co-op is located in the Macalester stadium, which gives the rooms high, slanted ceilings. This year 19 students are living in the stadium’s two singles, two triples, and six doubles, joining together for communal meals on weeknights. According to resident Sarah O’Connor ’13 (Mansfield, Mass.), menu highlights have included raw tacos and squash and black bean empanadas. She adds: “Quinoa, the Moosewood cookbook,and coffee keep us alive.”