Macalester Today Winter 2012

Double Dare

For some Mac students, one major just isn't enough.

At Macalester, as at most liberal arts colleges, the choices are legion. Should you major in political science with a global health concentration? Or in media studies with a Spanish minor? What about the draw of Asian studies, art history, or archaeology?

About a quarter of Mac students, finding it impossible to narrow it down to just one major, end up taking on two. Not surprisingly, the majority of such combinations are exactly what you’d expect: economics plus math or political science plus international studies. In other words, industrious but predictable.

What’s more intriguing are those adventurous souls who take on truly disparate double majors—math and English, say, or religious studies and music. These are the students we wanted to meet, and we thought you’d like to meet a few of them, too.

Here, then, are four such young people, for whom a liberal arts education has led to a special kind of breadth (click the images below to see each story).

Zoe Tomasello '13 Emmy Lim Yiran '13 Ben Alterman '1 Joe Lalli '12