Doing an independent study project translating a Lucretius poem from Latin into English with classics professor Nanette Goldman

Works 25 to 35 hours a week

His ideal job? As a tenured professor working with students from high school through graduate school

Says translating Latin makes him a better writer

Was goalkeeper for men’s soccer team

Ben Alterman ’12

Hometown: Boston Extracurriculars: Men’s soccer goalkeeper, works four jobs

Everyone starts asking “Why?” when they’re two years old. I just never stopped. Physics helps me build a mathematical understanding of reality and philosophy helps me understand the reality of our relationships with other people. In one I’m studying theoretical particle physics, and in the other I’m exploring the relationship between individuals and community. I’m doing a capstone in physics with Professor Tonnis ter Veldhuis and an honors thesis in philosophy with Professor Martin Gunderson. I chose Macalester because I wanted to continue the classical humanist education that I had in high school at Latin Academy, by taking diverse courses and thinking across disciplinary lines. The faculty has been very supportive of my double major; it’s been a positive experience all the way around. As for graduate school, I’ll get there, but I’m not sure which discipline yet.