Computer Science



Says: “I know when I leave Minnesota I'll miss the snow.”

Did badly on her A levels but did much better on her SATs

Has traveled a lot in Asia: “Singapore is too crowded and too small.”

Gave her parents a PowerPoint presentation to sell them on Macalester

Teaches Thai kickboxing and competed back in Singapore

Emmy Lim Yiran ’13

Hometown: Singapore Extracurriculars: Thai kickboxing, gender-neutral housing

I’m from an Chinese family that has lived in Singapore for many years. I grew up speaking Mandarin, English, a Chinese dialect called Hokkien, and Singlish, a kind of Creole English. My parents had never heard of Macalester and only agreed to let me study here as long as I kept good grades. If you’re from an Asian family, you’re not going to be sent overseas to major in something like theater. So computer science was my first major— something that would get me a job. I’ve ended up really liking the program. I started taking Japanese because I had a friend from Japan when I was in junior college; she was my first teacher. The Japanese classes here have enchanted me. There’s almost no overlap between my classmates in computer science and those in Japanese. Next semester I’ll study at Waseda University in Tokyo. My ideal future job would merge my two majors. Or I might look for a computer science job here in the states because the laws protecting GLBT people are stronger here than they are in Singapore.