Political Science

Might work as a bio tech in a lab for a year to see if it’s a good fit

Says: “Campaign politics can be a real high.”

Says: “Political work can be frustrating; it’s hard to change institutions.”

Very involved in mock trial during his first three years at Mac

Parents used to say: “What will you never be, Joe? A lawyer!”

Joe Lalli ’12

Hometown: Simsbury, Conn. Extracurriculars: Mock trial, moot court

I came to Mac thinking I’d be a lawyer like both my parents, so the political science major came first. Also, I’d enjoyed being involved in political campaigns in my home state. But I had a really good biology teacher in high school so I started taking some bio classes here. One class became two, which became a minor and then a major. Then last summer I did a full-time internship in a Seattle research lab looking into HIV antibodies, and it was fantastic. Now I think I may want to pursue that kind of work rather than politics or law. Or maybe I’ll end up doing science policy work, something that combines the two. What Mac allowed me to do was pursue my interests as they came at me. I didn’t expect to double major, but I didn’t want to abandon either passion. Only in a place like this can you end up with a double major like mine.