Studio Art

Favorite part of being in Omrit was seeing the sunrise

Worked on a traveling bus museum exhibit about the Holocaust

Mom wanted her to attend an arts conservatory but Zoe chose liberal arts

Works in the Macalester Art Gallery

Drove two hours a day to attend arts high school in San Francisco

Zoe Tomasello ’13

Hometown: Half Moon Bay, Calif.
Extracurriculars: Art Alliance, Art Gallery monitor

I attended an arts high school but really wanted a well-rounded liberal arts program in college instead of an arts conservatory. I got into classics because I really wanted to study Hebrew. Next I took an Introductory to Archaeology class with Professor Andy Overman and that got me interested in the major. Last summer I went on the dig in Omrit, Israel, which was an amazing experience— I’d love to go back. In art I do mostly drawing but have also taken technical theater, fibers, and 3D design. I want to work in a museum after college so I’ve taken classes exploring the cultural aspects of museums. In the spring I’m going to Florence and will take museology and conservation classes as well as art history. I just feel at home in museums; I could stay in them for days and be totally happy. My adviser, classics professor Beth Severy-Hoven, said that having a double major would help me get into the museum field. I hope so—I want art to be in my life forever.