December, 2015

November, 2015

Research at Mayo

Lisa Levoir studied the relationship between inflammation and colon cancer as a Mayo Summer Undergraduate Research Fellow.

COP21, Confronting Climate Change

Students share their experiences at COP21, the international conference devoted to addressing climate change.

Making College Possible

An internship with College Possible inspired Lillian Hexter ’16 to pursue a career that combines fundraising and social justice.

In Uninhabited Rainforest

In Queensland, Australia, their search for answers about evolutionary biology introduced Jill Oberski and Joanne Johnson to some surprising creatures.

Faculty Receive EMKE Grant to Develop Hindi Language Textbook and Course

Macalester President signs the American Campuses Act on Climate Pledge

Mac Alumni Named RISE Fellows

Three Macalester alumni were awarded RISE fellowships to help make social justice projects a reality.

Breaking Down Barriers

As an intern with Harriet Tubman Chrysalis Center, Alexa Peters Posner ’16 supports clients in need of safe shelter, legal services, and counseling.

Research Opportunities with Alumni in Science

Science alumni bring qualified Mac students into their labs for outstanding summer research opportunities.

Macalester Theatre and Dance Department’s Dreaming the World Forward, Dec. 4 and 5

At the Feet of Dinosaurs

Patrick Sullivan’s study of fossils reveals information about creatures that inhabited a Montana swamp 75 million years ago.

The Class of 2015: After Mac

We checked in with a few members of the Class of 2015 to see what their first year out of college looks like.

The Vibes from Vienna

Q & A with Alice Gerard

Healthcare Consultant

An information session with Macalester alumni inspired Jyothi Dhanwada ’15 to pursue a career in healthcare consulting; today she works with Optum Consulting at UnitedHealth Group.

English FYC Students See it All

Students in Professor English’s course Ecstasy and Apocalypse: have had superb opportunities for some experiential education.

The Art of Boredom

Urban Bonus

Football's Record Roster

Off to Brazil

Colin Jarvis '13 prepares for his Fulbright year in Brazil.

Macalester professor named 2015-16 Executive Leadership Fellow at the U of M’s Center for Integrative Leadership

Bee Guts

Katherine Lane went to Switzerland to study the bacteria in honey bee guts and their roles in honey bee health and biology.

Astronomy Intern

Asra Nizami ’16 (Karachi, Pakistan) interned with the Space Telescope Science Institute, an affiliate of NASA.

Desert Run

Ben Bartenstein ’16 (Hingham, Wis.) studied abroad in Morocco last spring through the SIT program Field Studies in Journalism and New Media.

Bee Bacteria to Galaxies

Over 80 Macalester students in the hard sciences, environmental studies, and math, statistics and computer science gained valuable hands-on summer research experience through internships.

Goats and Garlic Mustard

Macalester biology students lived and worked at Ordway Field Station this summer, conducting research on plant nutrition, trees, ovenbirds, and garlic mustard.

Road Warrior

Affordable Internships

The Book of [for] Profits

Leading the Loft

Reimagining Portraits

For a photography class, Alexandra Greenler ‘15 re-created pictures of Macalester female students of yesteryear.

Building Leaders

An affinity for hands-on, project-based learning took Max Cady '10 to the rainforest outside Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

A Choral Journey

Economic Consultant

Ha Song Pham ’15 discovered an affinity for data and learned how to make them reveal their truths.

Federal Reserve Internship

Jonathan Van Arneman ‘16 interned at the Fed in Minneapolis and discovered his strengths.

Biochem Fights Alzheimer's

Nicole Mandel worked on purifying a protein that helps regulate copper in the body.

How Voters Act

In Political Psychology of Mass Behavior, students explore voter actions through multiple academic disciplines.

October, 2015