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Sophomore Fiesta

The sophomore class celebrated their return to campus with fabulous Mexican cuisine and music on September 9, 2010. The event was sponsored by Macalester's Career Development Center.

Global Model United Nations

In August, two Macalester students, Anja Crowder '13 and Yiting Wang '12, were invited to attend the Global Model United Nations conference, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The conference, sponsored by the United Nations, brings together a select group of students from around the world to learn about global issues by acting in the role of diplomats who must negotiate with other countries to achieve a goal or develop resolutions on a specific issue.

Twins Game Field Trip

Macalester's Program Board organized a student outing to the Twins game on September 20, 2010. Photos by Yaqing Wen '14

First Year Course

Professor Dan Hornbach took students from his first year class Lakes, Streams and Rivers on 3 hour research cruise on Lake Superior on Sept. 18. The boat is run by the University of Wisconsin - Superior. They learned about invasive species, climate change effects on Lakes Superior, and the importance of the Duluth harbor as a "working" harbor.

At the Minnesota State Fair

Shuttle buses ferried students from campus to the fair and back all afternoon on the last day of The Great Minnesota Get-Together.

Eclipsed Is Not To Be Missed

Eclipsed, the award-winning play written by Danai Gurira '01, is being produced by Minneapolis' Frank Theatre. The cast and production includes: Yeukai Mudzi '12, Nisreen Dawan '04, Sha Cage '95, and Heather Bunch '04.