The Ordway-Macalester Connection


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The Ordway-Macalester Connection

Excerpts from a history written by Kelly M. Paulson in 2001 as her Honors Project

Richard Ordway, Katharine’s brother, served as a Trustee of Macalester during the era when members of all of St. Paul’s high-profile families sat on the Board. As a major stockholder in his father’s 3M corporation, Ordway fit right in. Richard was a highly educated man, having attended St. Paul Academy and then Yale. During the 1960’s, he was a prominent member (and often, the chairman) of countless organizations and committees in the Twin Cities, and in 1961 he was elected Chair of Macalester’s Development Council (which was founded in 1956, and had already raised $11,114,787 in its first five years). Ultimately, Richard was the one to request a donation to Macalester from his sister.

Richard Ordway’s daughter, Pondie Nicholson, followed her father on Macalester’s Board of Trustees, along with her husband, and they were followed by their son, Ford Nicholson, who is currently a Trustee at Macalester and also an alumnus. According to Hill, the Ordways continue to have a “very strong” relationship with Macalester.