Sexual Assault Prevention


A message from Lisa Broek and Lisa Landreman

Dear Incoming Student,

At Macalester College we encourage our entire community to take responsibility for, become aware of, and work to prevent sexual assault. We want all of our students to enjoy a healthy and enlightening experience during their time at Mac. Nationwide, the statistics on sexual assault on college campuses are disturbing. One out of every four women attending college in this country will experience some kind of attempted or completed sexual assault.  Additionally, in the United States, about 10% of the victims of sexual assault or rape are male. Many young men find themselves under legal scrutiny because they did not understand the particulars of consent.  You can help us address this issue on campus by understanding the basics of bystander intervention.

Therefore, we are requiring that all new students view the Student Success™ NotAnymore sexual assault prevention program. While some academic institutions try to keep the nationwide sexual assault problem hidden, we believe that an informed student body is in all of our best interests.  While we may never fully eliminate sexual assault, we are committed to making our campus one of the safest in the nation. When working your way through the modules, please remember that, as a collective community, we all have various levels of experience engaging with issues sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking, along with other related issues. It is critical that we develop a common language in order to continue conversations about these issues in the Fall and throughout your time at Macalester. The online program will be available for your taking as of July 15, 2014. You are required to complete the program by August 15. Follow the program instructions below to access the program.  For more information on sexual assault prevention, support, and resources see

Program Instructions
The online program will be available for your taking as of July 15, 2014. You are required to complete the program by August 15.

Step 1:  Log into the Student Success™ NotAnymore program at:

Step 2: Under "New Users" enter the following Access Code: 1473873

Step 3: Follow the instructions provided to take the program.  You will also be asked to input an email address and password (Please use your ** address).  Be sure to record this information, as it will allow you to re-enter the program as a returning user and complete the program in several sittings if you choose. If you run into problems reentering or taking the program, do not start over.  Contact Student Success™through the program HELP button and they will assist you.

You will retain access to the program until May 31, 2015 for reference purposes.  You will also receive follow-up contacts from Student Success™highlighting key program information.

If at any time you have general questions or concerns regarding this program, please contact Keith Edwards at .  If you have any technical difficulties with the program, please contact Student Success™ through the program HELP button or at .

We thank you in advance for your attention to this critical program.  Through the Student Success™ NotAnymore program and our other campus efforts and resources, we are becoming a nationwide model for a safer campus.