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MacReads 2015: Our Common Reading Program

Macalester College welcomes new students to its engaged community of learners through our common reading program, MacReads. Reading and sharing ideas with others is central to the college learning experience. Through the MacReads program we introduce you to this process and some of our shared values: critical engagement with ideas, dialogue with members of the Macalester community, internationalism, multiculturalism, and reflection on what it means to be an active, responsible global citizen. The Common Reading book for 2015 is Hope Against Hope: Three Schools, One City, and the Struggle to Educate America's Children by Sarah Carr

What should I expect?
A copy of the book, along with information about how it will be used, will be mailed in mid-June to the current address you have given to Admissions. During the summer you’ll have an opportunity gain additional information about the book at our MacReads website.