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Ametrica Project

The Ametrica Project brings domestic and international students together and develops intercultural sensitivity by its participants gazing upon the world through different lenses.  Facilitated by the Department of International Student Programs (ISP), this out-of-classroom program is both theoretical and experiential. Ametrica explores diverse cultural similarities and differences. Each student in the program will be part of small group activities (4-6 people) coordinated by ISP mentors. The ISP mentors will facilitate on campus programs and ephemeral escapades in conjunction with Macalester faculty and administration during the fall semester. Activities during the fall 2013 included dinners at homes of Macalester faculty, staff and alumni.  We have not chosen our fall 2014 topics yet. A sampling of past topics have been family, friends, humor, politics, religion, law and order, economics, health, taboo, pop culture, race, love, lying and cheating, identity and much much more.

Ideally, the program participants will be made up of an equal number of international and US students.  Participants will build valuable international relationships through Ametrica, which can be a critical stepping-stone for the rest of your experiences during and after your time at Macalester College. The deadline is Wednesday, June 25th.

For more information and to apply for the Ametrica Project, visit the International Student Program website

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Bonner Community Scholars Program

The Bonner Community Scholars Program is a four-year civic engagement program that provides leadership programming, academic support, engagement opportunities and a social network.

Being a Bonner Scholar involves a commitment not only to service, but also to learning how to be an effective change agent for one’s campus, community, and beyond. Ideal Bonner candidates are passionate about civic engagement and eliminating systematic inequalities, demonstrate community involvement, embrace working in a team setting, have leadership potential, and a commitment to the Bonner mission of “Access to Education & Opportunity to Serve.”

Bonner is founded on six common commitments:
Civic Engagement - We participate intentionally as a citizen in the democratic process, actively engaging in public policy and direct service.
Community Building - We establish and sustain a vibrant community of place, personal relationships, and common interests.
Diversity - We respect and embrace the many dimensions of diversity in our private and public lives.
International Perspective - We develop international understanding that enables us to participate successfully in a global society.
Social Justice - We advocate for fairness, impartiality, and equality while addressing systemic social and environmental issues.
Spiritual Exploration - We explore personal belief while respecting the spiritual practices of others.

Bonner invites all first-year students to apply and selects 12 new participants each year. First generation college students, Minnesota residents, and students who have participated in college access programs (eg. Upward Bound, College Possible, AVID, TRIO, etc) are strongly encouraged to apply. To be eligible for the program participants must have work-study as part of their financial aid package and a demonstrated commitment to community involvement.

The Bonner Program begins with a required pre-orientation retreat which takes place August 24-August 27, 2014. On this retreat, students build community with Bonners, meet key program staff, learn more about the Twin Cities as well as learning more about the expectations and benefits of being a Bonner Community Scholar.

Students chosen for Bonner cannot participate in pre-orientation MacWard Bound trips.

For more information and/or to apply:
Bonner Community Scholars Program

Applications should be received no later than 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, June 25, 2014.

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Lives of Commitment

Lives of Commitment: Looking to find a close community of students who share your values in community engagement and deep conversation? Want to get involved in the Twin Cities your first year? Then Lives of Commitment is probably for you. This program engages a select group of first-year students in an integrated practice of community service and active reflection on social justice and ethical or religious commitments. Throughout the year, each student will spend 3 hours each week as part of a small group at one of seven nonprofit organizations either working with immigrants and refugees or tutoring children. Distinguishing aspects of this program are the monthly dinners and regular small group dialogue about one’s own commitments. The program begins with a required pre-orientation urban retreat for students where they become familiar with the Twin Cities (August 24-August 27, 2014). On this retreat students build community with other participants, eat foods from around the world and meet with community organizations and leaders.

Students chosen for Lives of Commitment cannot participate in pre-orientation MacWard Bound trips.

For more information and/or to apply:
Lives of Commitment

Applications should be received no later than 11:59pm CST on Wednesday, June 25, 2014.

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Pluralism & Unity Program (P&U)

Mission & Description
The mission of the Pluralism & Unity Program (P&U) is to create a community of first-year
students who are committed to exploring and understanding issues of race, culture, identity, and
social justice. We ask the questions:
• Why do identities matter?
• What is multiculturalism?
• What is social justice?

This unique program provides first-year students an opportunity to build strong and effective
relationships within and across racial, ethnic, national and cultural backgrounds. Encompassing
all of Macalester’s core values (multiculturalism, internationalism, academic excellence, and
civic engagement), the P&U Program is an excellent opportunity to be part of what makes
Macalester so special - students, staff, and faculty from many different parts of the world;
the varied cultural backgrounds that each person brings; and the college’s location in a major
metropolitan area in the United States. Whatever our backgrounds and identities are, we all
have important stories to tell and important things to learn from one another.

Structure & Format
The P&U Program is designed as a curricular and co-curricular program. Students selected to
be a part of the P&U Program will be enrolled in a one-credit course in the fall semester that
will deepen students’ understanding of how social identity works for them personally, provide
perspective on effectively interacting across cultural differences, and encourage students to
reflect on their position within community structures and institutions. In addition to the course,
students will also participate in co-curricular activities and community engagements
that will connect their in-class learning to “real world” interactions at Macalester and with
the culturally and ethnically diverse neighborhoods and communities that make up the Twin
Cities of Minneapolis and St Paul.

Past participants’ experiences in P&U have encouraged them to become leaders on campus
and in the local community. Alums of P&U have become outstanding leaders in many campus
organizations (i.e., Macalester College Student Government, Caribbean Student Association,
Multifaith Council, Queer Union, Adelante!, and Feminists in Action) and have completed
internships and off-campus student employment at various local elementary schools, high
schools, and nonprofit organizations.

How To Apply to the P&U Program
To complete an application: Pluralism & Unity Program Application will be available beginning June 2.
To learn more about the Pluralism & Unity Program, please visit our website.
Questions? E-mail

The deadline for applying to the P&U Program is Friday, August 8, 2014.

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