Strategic Plan 2014


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Strategic Plan Summary and Priorities

On-campus Community

Alumni and Friends

Framework for Strategic Planning

from the Board of Trustees

The members of the Board of Trustees believe that strategic planning at Macalester must have as its ultimate goal the strengthening of the ability of the college to carry out its work as articulated in the Mission Statement and the Statement of Purpose and Belief. The planning process will address seriously and with a sense of urgency the following questions.

  • (1) What steps must be taken to establish for the college a sustainable economic model?
  • (2) What role should information technologies, including evolving technologies associated with distance learning, play at the college over the next several years and beyond? Do we imagine that these technologies will alter Macalester’s target audience?
  • (3) What are the distinctive and attractive strengths of Macalester--both current and potential--and how can we best build upon and foreground those strengths?
  • (4) How can we best ensure that the governance of the college is sufficiently thoughtful, accountable, and adaptive? What governance structures and processes will allow us to make bold decisions and difficult choices?
  • (5) How can better collaboration and cooperation—both within Macalester and between Macalester and other colleges, businesses, and organizations—help increase the quality and efficiency of our work?
  • (6) Without diminishing our core commitment to a liberal arts education, how can we best ensure that students are also receiving sound preparation for rewarding and successful careers?
  • (7) Given the costs of providing a residential college experience at a time when higher education is becoming increasingly non-residential, what steps should be taken to assess, maximize, and promote the personal and intellectual benefits of that experience?