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Quantitative Methods for Public Policy, Math/Econ 108, Fall, 2004

Immigration in America: Understanding the Numbers

Thursday afternoons, 2:45–4:15 pm (we meet on Tuesday the week of fall break) Hill Ballroom in Kagin Commons (except: Davis Lecture Hall on October 7)

Math 108 Syllabus





Sept. 9

Profs. Bressoud, Ehren, Holland



Sept. 16

Prof. Holland

A Brief History of Immigration Policy

A Brief History of Immigration in America.

Sept. 23

Prof. Kaplan

Some Mathematics of Trade-Offs

Trade-offs. How some simple quantitative considerations can help improve decision-making.

Sept. 30

Prof. Kaplan


Growth Rates. Not all growth is equal.

Oct. 7



Meet in Davis Lecture Hall
Rubén Martínez, author of Crossing Over.
Mr. Martínez will talk about his book and issues regarding Mexican immigration.

Oct. 14

Profs. Sukhatme and West

Cost-Benefit Analysis: An Overview

Cost-Benefit Analysis: The Hiawatha Light Rail

Cost-Benefit Analysis. How some simple economic considerations can help improve decision-making.

Oct. 21

Prof. Ferderer

Correlation and Causation

Do sunspots cause economic recessions? Avoiding confusion between correlation and causation.

Oct. 26

Profs. Holland and Miao

Who Will Win the Election

Sampling and Hypothesis Testing

Sampling, Hypothesis Testing, Polls & Surveys. Who will win the presidential election? What are the pollsters really saying?

Nov. 4

Profs. Bjork and Holland

Population Growth, Migration, and Urbanization in the America: An Historical Perspective

Population Growth in Latin America; Critiquing Policy Issues. What are some of the future issues for immigration and how should we respond?

Nov. 11

Prof. Kaplan

The Theory of Detection

Detection. Where are the bad apples and how do we find them?

Nov. 18

Doris Meissner


Former Director of Immigration and Nationalization Service under President Clinton. Ms. Meissner will discuss the various guest worker programs now under consideration by Congress as well as larger issues of national policy regarding immigration.

Nov. 25

Thanksgiving - no class

Dec. 2

Prof. Ferderer

Measuring the Labor Market Impact of Immigration

The Effect of Immigration on Wages.

Dec. 9

Faculty Debate

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