General Education Requirements Approved Sections for Spring 2015

Internationalism |  Quantitative Thinking |  U.S. Identities and Differences |  Writing | 


GERM 366-01 Postwar Germany (Kordela)

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Quantitative Thinking


CHEM 312-01 Quantum Chem/Spectroscopy (Varberg)


BIOL 285-01 Ecology (Dosch)
CHEM 112-03 General Chemistry II (Green)
CHEM 112-04 General Chemistry II (Green)
CHEM 222-01 Analytical Chemistry (Kuwata)
PHYS 194-01 Modern Astronomy II (Cannon)


MATH 125-01 Epidemiology (Addona)
MATH 155-03 Intro to Statistical Modeling (Johnson)
MATH 155-04 Intro to Statistical Modeling (Johnson)
SOCI 269-01 Social Science Inquiry (Larson)

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U.S. Identities and Differences

(Also meets U.S. Multiculturalism for students entering before Fall 2014.)

AMST 244-01 Urban Latino Power (Dosh)
AMST 341-01 Urban Social Geography (Trudeau)
AMST 384-01 Langston Hughes: Global Writer (Moore)
ENGL 105-01 American Voices (English)
ENGL 276-01 African Amer Lit 1900 to Pres (English)
PHIL 202-01 American Philosophy (Gorham)
PSYC 264-01 The Psychology of Gender (Ostrove)
SOCI 220-01 Sociology of Race/Ethnicity (Kousha)

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FREN 494-01 L'image du monde: influences de la cartographie sur la littérature française (Sauret)
GERM 366-01 Postwar Germany (Kordela)

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