Do you want to live on campus next year? Are you interested in being a part of a meaningful, intentional community?
Live in the Interfaith House

What: The Interfaith House is a space for students of diverse religious, spiritual, and secular traditions to live together in an intentional community, with an emphasis on community-building activities around the topics of faith, ethics, and dialogue. Residents will work together to create a “Community Covenant,” an intentional set of communal standards, as well as determining the dietary restrictions on food in the Interfaith House kitchen.

Who: The Interfaith House is open to students of all religious, spiritual, and secular expression. Residents are subject to the same rules and regulations as all other themed housing options. Up to 12 students are able to live in the house.

Where: Kirk Section 8, including kitchen and access to lounge.

Why: The Interfaith House allows for students to live out the fullness of their faith in a way that is perhaps not possible in traditional on-campus living.

Residents have the unique opportunity to creatively engage with fellow students and the broader community in important questions such as how we live our lives, and the role of ethics, value, and faith(s).

To apply to live in the interfaith house, submit application.