Residence Hall and Commuter Dining Programs

Residence Hall Dining Plan for 2015-16

Residence Halls where a dining plan is required: George Draper Dayton, Wallace, 30 Mac, 53Mac, 57Mac, Bigelow, Doty, Turck, Dupre and Kirk Halls.

A full dining plan is optional in the Veggie Co-op, Interfaith House (Kirk 8), Language Houses, Eco House, Summit House, Cultural House and Food Justice House. Students living in these spaces will not be assigned a meal plan but may request a commuter or full residence hall dining plan through their MyHousing page/ApplyOnLine. Select the Optional Residence Hall Dining Plan Agreement 

Commuter Meal Plans and Plans A, B, C, D, or E added after the semester payment due date (August 15 or January 15) must be paid immediately. 

We strongly suggest  students living in the Summit House and Cultural House purchase at least a Commuter Meal plan, since the kitchens are not set up to accommodate full access for the number of residents living there. 

Meal Plan Changes. The default dining plan is A. Returning students may change their Fall Semester meal plan from Plan A to B, C, or D anytime after roomdraw in the spring through the first two weeks of the fall semester. Plans A, B, C, and D all cost $2532.00 per semester. 

New first-year students may not change to Plan B, C, or D until spring semester. 

Students that have lived on campus at least four semesters also have the option of selecting Plan E, 150 meals, no flex. Cost is $2282.00 per semester. 

Fall 2015 semester: Meal plans begin Friday, August 28, 2015 Returning students may change their fall semester meal plans through Friday, September 11, 2015.

Dining Venues and Hours