Specialty Housing



Selection for Language Houses and Special Interest Housing will take place before roomdraw through the individual department. Please contact the academic departments affiliated with each house for more information.

Language Houses:

Chinese House, 216 Vernon Applications due February 28, 2013 to Patricia Anderson
French House, 182 Vernon Applications due March 7, 2013 to Theresa Klauer
German House, 190 Vernon Applications due February 28, 2013 to Martha Davis
Japan House, 176 Vernon Application due March 5, 2013 to Katie Scott
Spanish House, 196 Vernon Application due March 4, 2013http://www.macalester.edu/academics/hispanicstudies/
Russian House, 1668 Princeton Applications due February 28, 2013 to Martha Davis

Special Interest Housing:

All Gender Housing, Section 1 Kirk Hall Send an email to allgender@macalester.eduAll%20Gender%20Application%202013

Veggie Co-op, Stadium Hall Applications due February 21, 2013 to box in SPO
Healthy Living, 30Mac See the Health Living Agreement
Cultural House, 37 Mac
Interfaith House, Section 8 Kirk Hall Applications due March 1, 2013
Food Justice House, 1661/1663 Princeton Contact Emily Stuber for more information

To find out more information about any the above spaces please contact:
All Gender Housing - RHD Finn Schneider
Language Houses - The Corresponding Academic Department
Eco-House - Environmental Studies Department
Veggie Co-op - RHD Emily Stuber
Interfaith House - Center for Religious and Spiritual Life
Food Justice House-RHD Emily Stuber
Cultural House - Department of Multicultural Life