Residence Hall Director

Hana Dinku


Cottages Information

The cottages are located directly across the street from the Admissions Office at 53, 57, and 63 Macalester Street as well as 1662 Princeton Ave. Established as a residential living area in 1996, the Cottages offer a more independent living environment. Each unique, single-sex house is occupied by 3 to 6 students. The cottages are quiet and chemical free living areas.
Resident Information:
53 Macalester – 5 juniors and seniors (1 single, 2 doubles)
57 Macalester – 3 juniors and seniors (1 single, 1 double)
63 Macalester – 6 juniors and seniors (3 doubles)
1662 Princeton – 4 juniors and seniors (2 singles, 1 double)

Bathrooms: One bathroom in each house.
Laundry Facilities: 53 Macalester Street has a laundry room that is shared with 63 and 57 Macalester Street.
Kitchen: Kitchen facilities vary by unit.
Computer Labs/Internet Access: The nearest computer lab is in the library. There is Ethernet access available in every cottage.
Lounges: There is a lounge with couches and chairs as well as a dining area in each Cottage.
General Room Information: The Cottages have both single and double rooms.
Room Dimensions: Single: 7’ x 11’ to 10’2” x 10’1”
Double: 11’8” x 11’11” to 13’4” x 12’4”;Twin extra long: 36'' x 80 ''
Room Furnishings: The Cottages have the newer style lofted beds with a large desk and dresser underneath.