Email is the preferred method to communicate card access request information. Send message to Terry Gorman, A central clearing and review person for each department is very helpful. This may be your department chair or office coordinator.

Requests for card access to spaces must be approved by the department or in some cases the specific person in charge of the space/s. For example, a request to card access and use the Humanities Information Technology Services (H302 - PC or H304 - MAC) class rooms must be arranged through David Sisk of the Information Technology Services Department.

The following email format is preferred:

1. The first paragraph of your request should state the building and the room number/s (not the common name of the room) to be accessed.

2. Next paragraph list the days of the week and the time period or time frame the person/s should be able to access the space. (i.e. 8 am to 10 pm M-F, Sa, Su)

3. Finally, list the persons to have access - Last name, First name, and ID number. Note there are many people on campus with the same last name and in several cases the same first name. The ID # is important.  It is also very helpful to alphabetize this list of names.

Also note that 24 hour access for students to academic buildings and rooms will be closely reviewed and granted for only special cases.

Email your request to the department coordinator or specific person controlling the space/s. The appropriate department person will review the request and forward it to me (Terry Gorman) with their approval, comments etc.

I will create the card access in the data base.  When I have finished assigning the access for each person,  I will "reply to all" to the original email sender, and all "cc's" listed, that I have completed the request for card access. If you were a "To" or "cc" listed on the original email card access request you will also get a reply email of that the card access is completed.

If you have any questions about these procedures please email or call me.

Thanks in advance for your help and cooperation.

--Terry Goramn


In an emergency, call 911 and Campus Security 651-696-6555. Give your campus location and describe the emergency situation.

Contact Information

Life, health or safety threat: 911

Safety and Security Office
Emergency or to Report a Crime: 651-696-6555
Office : 651-696-6278

Office location: Music Building M002
Business hours: 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Security and SAFEwalk available 24/7

SAFEWalk Service: 651-696-6699