Active Shooter

Active Shooter

If you are in a campus building when a shooting occurs:

  • If it is safe to do so, leave the building and get away from the area
  • If you can't leave, lock or barricade all doors
  • Close blinds and block windows, and then move away from them
  • Stay low, get behind or under heavy objects
  • Turn off lights, radios, and computer monitors
  • Keep out of sight
  • Silence all cell phones
  • Call 911 to provide your location, report any injuries, or provide a description of the assailant(s) (e.g., name, number of suspects, gender, race, clothing, physical features, type of weapon
  • Remain in the secured area until you are certain that the shooter(s) is contained by law enforcement
  • Do not attempt to rescue anyone if it will further endanger the persons within the secured area
  • When in doubt, remain within the secured area. Check for Mac Alert messages
  • If you encounter police officers, raise your hands and follow their commands immediately and completely. They may not know who the shooter is

Contact Information

Life, health or safety threat: 911

Security Office
Emergency or to Report a Crime: 651-696-6555
Office : 651-696-6278

Office location: Music Building M002
Business hours: 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Security and SAFEwalk available 24/7

SAFEWalk Service: 651-696-6699